Access to AlertMe docs.

Using your AlertMe, British Gas Hive, Safe & Secure or Iris system.
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Access to AlertMe docs.

Post by james.elson »

No idea if anyone else out there is still using AlertMe. But in case they are, does anyone know how to get access to the AlertMe API docs?

I must have had access in the past, but damned if I can find a username or password that works.

In case anyone's interested, I'm going to see if I can write a module for Homebridge to see if I can actually get AlertMe to hook into the Apple HomeKit ecosystem.

Ideally AlertMe/British Gas would just open up the API for the hub itself to avoid the dependency on the servers which will obviously die at some point :-(

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Re: Access to AlertMe docs.

Post by Noisyvoid »


I was thinking of something similar with Amazon Echo, but I have never had access to the API (I think you had to ask for it way back when Alertme was not in bed with BG).

I am desperate to get my investment into Alertme re-aligned to the much developed Home automation ecosystems. I don't want to bin in all and start again.
Options I was thinking about included
- hacking the hub to allow access from 'something else' other than the Alertme hub
- getting the powerplugs / etc reconnected to British Gas Hive (I think this does not work, and also requires investment in another closed system)
- getting access to the Alertme API and using something to drive that
- getting the powerplugs connected to another open source Zigbee smart hub (I believe they are locked to the Alertme in some way)

If British Gas was to offer to allow the old plugs to connect to their newer Hive I would probably buy Hive, but this looks like too much to ask.

It would be interesting to find out how many Alertme users there still are, and what their successes or failures have been.

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Re: Access to AlertMe docs.

Post by roobarb! »

The older v2 API is still available and I'm sure I have a copy of the v5 API from when it was public. I'll see if I can dig that version out.

EDIT: No need. It's all here.

The v5 API is the one still used by BG for Hive (EDIT, they're on v6 and beyond now) - I was in touch with them about adding support to Alerty for it at one point, but as I didn't own the system (still don't) it was rather a moot point.

I actually found the Hive team to be really helpful in supporting my work on the AlertMe platform and in its previous incarnation with them as 'Safe & Secure'. As Safe & Secure is very firmly based on the original AlertMe platform, it wouldn't surprise me if that's part of the reason why is still up and running and I'm certainly very glad about that.

I do agree that in the longer term we could do with access to the box - I think somebody posted information about that on here and in their own blog and it's really not difficult to do. The tricky bit would be recreating the configuration elements.
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