AlertMe Subscription

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AlertMe Subscription

Post by CM75 »

I still use my AlertMe system and it works quite well. The only thing I couldn't solve (see my previous post) was the camera function. It seems to still record videos but I can't play them via the AlertMe dashboard.

Anyway, since I moved abroad I rarely check my UK bank account. Now I realised that the last time AlertMe charged the monthly subscription fee of 4,99 GBP was end of March 2014. I never got an email telling me about ending the subscription. I don't mind not paying anymore for a service that I can still use (with limitations).

I just wondered if that's the case for everyone or what was supposed to happen to existing customers?

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Re: AlertMe Subscription

Post by roobarb! »

Same here - can't find the original date, but they stopped charging me quite some time ago as well.

I'd happily pay a nominal fee for the service as-is; still use it every day, but I guess the costs associated with collecting the cash must outweigh the benefits by now. Particularly since everything was absorbed into British Gas.
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