Samsung SmartThings

Using your AlertMe, British Gas Hive, Safe & Secure or Iris system.
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Samsung SmartThings

Post by terry »

So, after years with AlertMe, watching British Gas take and relaunch the product and years of waiting for anything to happen, I've given up on AlertMe/British Gas/Hive.

I've just purchased Samsung SmartThings and it's great. A little buggy at times but nothing live chat support hasn't helped me sort out within a few minutes.

Not only does it do home monitoring similarly to AlertMe (phone notification on intruder), it also links up other devices I already have such as my Sonos audio system. This means for example, when you set the system to night, it can set the alarm and turn off your music.

I've only had it a week but am still playing around with it, and to be honest it seems to be pretty cool. My Christmas lights can now be switched on at sunset automatically as well.

It's a shame that around 6 years after AlertMe was launched it's been taken and stopped in its tracks by British Gas, allowing a number of competitors to catch up and overtake their development. I really wish they hadn't sold out to British Gas, it could have been a market leader by now.

Unfortunately this is my goodbye to all things AlertMe!
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Re: Samsung SmartThings

Post by roobarb! »

Sorry to see you go, terry, but totally understandable. They've got a good team working on Hive at British Gas, but I get your frustrations. I'm locked in to the original system because of the flexibility it gives with assigning actions to devices, which just isn't replicated in the BG product at the moment. For me, that and the API access (which, ridiculously, other companies still have not picked up on as a major positive) keep me AlertMe, and I will be so long as they keep the service running.

Good luck with the new system - I should probably create a new forum area for other systems and you can report back! :)
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