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The simplest little program, but one I use twice a day! It allows you to set your alarm to Night mode, and take it back out.

It's a simple command line program so you could conceivably use it for may things, but I use it to auto-set my alarm to night mode each night, and unset it in the morning just before I'm due to get up.

It has no timer interface, I'd suggest you use Windows own Task Scheduler (which is plenty flexible), obviously on a PC that's left on.

Before you use it, you'll need:

.net 3.5 installed on the PC (if this is a big problem, let me know)

To edit the TimerArm.exe.config file, putting in your own Alertme username and password

To add a scheduled task to run whenever you like, that send the argument Night (note the caps) to arm, or Disarm to turn the alarm on/off.

Apologies for it not being blindingly simple to use, happy to give a few pointers if needed, but would rather not act as your home PC tech support

All warranties express or implied are null and void. The product is suitable for nothing, and is not fit for any purpose. Use at your own risk. No refunds.
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