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Safety Switches

Post by roobarb! »

There's a little feature in Alerty that isn't at all apparent, but which I find really handy: Safety Switches.

Because it's very easy in the app to turn SmartPlugs on and off, I realised I could quite easily switch something important off accidentally. There's no such thing as a safety switch in the AlertMe system, so I implemented it in Alerty using a simple name change. Here's how it works:
  1. On the AlertMe website, add an underscore to the end of a SmartPlug name. eg. 'Fridge' would become 'Fridge_'.
  2. Allow Alerty to refresh (or pull-to-refresh on the devices page).
  3. Once the API has updated, switches on the Devices page will be tinted red.
  4. Attempting to turn a safety switch on or off will prompt you to confirm first. Tada!
Simple, but effective. Nobody likes spoiled food! :)
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Re: Safety Switches

Post by Theolsen »

:-) very clever indeed.
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