Resetting Devices

Using your AlertMe, British Gas Hive, Safe & Secure or Iris system.
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Resetting Devices

Post by roobarb! »

I always forget how to reset the AlertMe Devices back to factory defaults (ie. ready to be found by a Hub in Search Mode). So here are the techniques!

First, find the Tamper button. This is usually inside the device, just above the battery compartment. There are a few exceptions; the Keyfob, the Lamp and the SmartPlug. The button you need on the Keyfob is the smaller 'Away' button, while the button on the SmartPlug is obvious. It's the only one there is, right on the top. The Lamp tamper button is accessed with a paperclip through the small hole on the underside.

Alarm Sensor, Button, Contact Sensor, Keyfob, Meter Reader, Motion Sensor

The technique for each of these is the same.
  1. Remove the battery.
  2. Wait for about 10 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the battery and within a few seconds...
  4. Press the Tamper button eight times (not too quickly, about twice per second).
After about four presses, you should see the LED illuminate. Ignore this and finish the sequence, then leave the battery connected. After a brief pause, the device should become discoverable; you can tell because the LEDs will now be doing a double-flash, pause, double-flash sequence.

Remember, the tamper button on the Keyfob is actually the smaller Away button.

If this has not worked, remove the battery, wait for at least 1 minute and then repeat.


The Camera is very straightforward to reset, but needs to be powered on. Make sure the adapter is plugged in and working, then:
  1. Allow the camera to fully boot (green Power LED stays on steadily).
  2. Using a paperclip, press and hold the reset button on the underside of the camera for 30 seconds.
  3. Release the reset button. At this point the front LEDs should flash together three times and the camera will reset.
Once the Camera is rebooted, it will be available to the hub for configuration. The AlertMe instructions are here.

Should you wish to tweak some settings yourself, the username is administrator and the password is blank.


The Lamp needs to be powered on for the reset to work, so make sure the adapter is plugged in and working. Then:
  1. Press and hold the tamper button with a paperclip for around 15 seconds.
  2. Release the tamper button when the lamp illuminates.
  3. While it is still illuminated, slowly press the tamper button with the paperclip five times, about once per second.
  4. Stop pressing the button when you see the Lamp glow blue and then start to flash.
Like with the other devices, once the unit begins to flash, it is ready to be found by a Hub.


This is a little different, as the SmartPlug has it's own small internal cell, which may require charging if you haven't used it in some time. If the SmartPlug has been powered off for a while, plug it in and allow it to charge for around 30 minutes. Once the charging is complete you can follow these instructions either with the SmartPlug disconnected from the mains, or with it still connected.

As you will understand in a second, don't have anything plugged into the SmartPlug! To reset:
  1. Press and hold the button on the top until the orange LED on the front turns on, and then turns back off.
  2. Once the orange LED is off, press the button on the top slowly and repeatedly, about once per second.
  3. Stop pressing the button when you see the orange LED on the front begin to double-flash.
You can tell if the internal cell is depleted when you connect a SmartPlug to the mains by pressing the power button on the top once or twice. If the internal relay operates (that is, you hear a 'click!' and the green power LED inside the button turns on and off) then all should be well. If nothing happens at all, definitely leave it attached to the mains for at least 30 minutes to recharge.

On more than one occasion, when recharging a SmartPlug I have found them to go a little crazy - switching the internal relay on and off repeatedly. If your SmartPlug does this, leave it connected to the mains and work your way through the reset procedure.

These SmartPlug reset instructions vary a little from AlertMe's own, but in my experience this is the most reliable way to get a SmartPlug back to default values.
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Re: Resetting Devices

Post by terry »

AlertMe InHome Display

1. Unplug the power cable
2. Press and hold the £/KWh button until the display turns off
3. Hold the period button whilst plugging the cable back in
4. Whilst still holding the period button, press the £/KWh button 5 times (about once a second)
5. Release all buttons, the house symbol should start to flash and you can now add to your system
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