Extending the system, interesting uses and API twiddling.
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Ok, second up, a small application to arm the alarm (Away) when any number of the keyfobs have left the building (can be set, to one, two or three). This is slightly more flexible than the site's all or nothing approach.

An example would be if, like me, you have a spare keyfob, but don't power it off. You could use this to arm when the two main keyfobs have left, regardless of the spare.


As with the other application, this is very simple and so has no timer... instead I suggest you use the Windows Task Scheduler on a PC that's left on. I set mine to run every 6 minutes, set yours to whatever you feel is appropriate. It will check each time it's run, and take the appropriate action, but if you want it to check while you're not at your PC, you'll need to run it with a scheduler.

If when it runs it detects the keyfobs you've set are away, it'll arm the alarm if it's not already. For me it helps me arm the alarm when I've forgotten (it does happen).... however there may be other uses.

As before you'll need the .net framework 3.5 installed.

You'll need to edit the AbscenseArm.exe.config file, in it put your Alertme username and password.... and then the ID numbers of the keyfobs you're paying attention to.... more on that...

In order to find the unique IDs of your keyfobs, you'll need this little program:


run the program, enter your alertme username and password in the two boxes and click Go!

You'll then get a long list of all the devices hooked up to your hub. The devices are listed in a slightly strange way.... your name, device id, device type...

So we're looking for any "Keyfob" devices, the ID is the thing immediately preceding it... so if you have some lines like this:

Contact Sensor,Phil
Keyfob,Living Room 2
Motion Sensor,Dining Room

In this case the keyfob IDs are:

Enter these into the correct places in the config file.

And then add a scheduled task to run periodically when you'd like this to work.

Apologies for it not being blindingly simple to use, happy to give a few pointers if needed, but would rather not act as your home PC tech support

All warranties express or implied are null and void. The product is suitable for nothing, and is not fit for any purpose. Use at your own risk. No refunds.
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